by GuilfordFalls

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This EP was recorded in Colin Fedorchak's attic over a weekend in the early summer of 2015 with the DIY mentality of many punk acts before. While GuilfordFalls isn't a punk band by any means, their punk roots are strong. This EP is a collection of old and new songs that have been compiled together as GuilfordFalls' freshman release.


released November 1, 2015

Colin Fedorchak: Guitar/Vocals
Zach Parker: Bass
Aaryn Martin: Drums/Vocals*
Brandon Stuck: Production

*"Walls" only



all rights reserved


GuilfordFalls Indianapolis, Indiana

We're 3 dudes who like to play fast music with catchy hooks. Sing along if you want.

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Track Name: Well, I Am
"I hope you're happy
with the choices that you've made,
because of them now I can't trust

That's what she said to me
as I was crying
in an alley
trying to make amends,
I hoped that we could just stay friends.

But now I'm happy
with the choices that I've made,
without them I wouldn't be
half of who I am today.

And to be completely honest,
you taught me most all my knowledge
when it comes on how to love another human.

But don't take it as a compliment.
Track Name: Hindsight
Hindsight is 20/20
I let you in too soon
All these scars left in your wake
Don't even matter to you

I can't believe it's over
It seemed it just begun
It never pays to be
In love and young

But fuck it
I'm letting go

This isn't what I signed up for
I thought this would lead to more
Now I feel like an ass
Hindsight is 20/20

But now it's time to move on
'Cause you're not worth all this stress
I really hope that you're happy
Goodbye and all the best

Not all can be forgiven
When you go and fuck my friend
I thought we had a future
But all we have are dead ends

Don't expect a second chance
When you blew it from the start
I'm not blind. I can see just fine
Even with this broken heart

But fuck it
I've let it go
Track Name: Memories Pt. II
Harsh grey walls
Scattered papers
Blown by the cold wind

Screams over both
Of our heads
And we just laugh

Slightly embarrassed
But we shrug it off clean
'Cause we've got better things
Not to do

'Cause we've got
Better things
Not to do

I couldn't tell back then
That Ben couldn't
Stand us together

And rightfully so
But it would've been
Oh so nice to know

That mirrored room
Those 3 small steps
In random beds

You just can't recreate
Memories like these

You just can't recreate
Track Name: Colorado
Why does the city
have to be so bright
at night?

Why does the city
have so many
neon lights?

All I want to feel
is the grass between my toes,
the night sky above my head,
the smell of pine trees in my nose.

I'm moving away
to Colorado
where I can gaze
upon the sky.
I'm moving away
to Colorado,
but not to get high.

Light pollution
is going to be
the death of me
(the death of me)
if I don't get the
hell out of this city
with my friends.

We don't need a plan
just our best friends
crammed in the
back of this van.
We'll hit the gas,
do a hundred
down 70.

We're moving away
to Colorado
where we can gaze
upon the sky.
We're moving away
to Colorado,
but not to get high.
Track Name: Walls
Sitting in my room all day.
We only talk when you're on break.
Record spinning fast but the time won't pass.
I guess I'll put myself to sleep.

Stereo buzzing my favorite bands,
the ruckus, and I'm tired,
I am tired,
but my boredom is acquired,
so I'll, I'll make friends
with the walls.
They'll talk about the fact
that they're afraid to fall.

Sitting with my vacant stare.
I am pulling out my hair.
Static TV on
blaring my favorite song
of loneliness and redundant despair.
Track Name: No Hard Feelings
I'm not cut out for this,
the constant contact
and the overwhelming lust
is driving me insane.

All the boundaries ever set
were burnt down to a crisp
and I let you do this to me,
I can't believe I let you.

And I'm sad to see you go.
No hard feelings.

For an entire year
all my friends watched you degrade
who I was
and all my happiness.

And all the while
I was so blind.
I couldn't see how caustic
you were to me.

And I'm glad that you're gone.
No hard feelings.

No hard feelings,
just heavy breathing,
every time I hear your name.

No hard feelings,
just heavy breathing,
at least this beats losing my meals everyday.